Global Game Monetization

Earn revenue from casual game play & downloads

If you are a Flash Game Developer, HTML5 Game Developer, Facebook Game Developer or Casual Game Developer Playwire Media can help you monetize all of your traffic globally. We know how valuable new and creative Flash games are to the community and we want to keep the creative eggs scrambled. If you created the game as the developer or are sponsoring someone else’s creation, we offer a solution for monetizing every single game play. We are able to deliver a 100% video ad fill for every country worldwide. This means you will no longer miss out on those unmonetized game plays.

Facebook Game Developer

As an approved Facebook ad provider, Playwire Media will help you to monetize your casual games and apps on the worlds largest social network.

Casual Game Developer

Our Pre-Game and In-Game monetization solution provides an all-inclusive solution for game developers of all sizes.

Downloadable Content

Want to provide content free to consumers but don’t want to lose the revenue potential. Before any downloadable content, we can monetize with a pre-roll ad.


Our Pre-Game Wrapper is a brilliant and easy way for you to monetize your Flash Games or HTML5 games. And now our Pre-Game Wrapper works for mobile game developers! When using our simple Pre-Game Wrapper a 15 or 30 second video ad will play before your game. This updated wrapper is based on the latest version of our Bolt Video Player and offers many advantages compared to our previous version. With our most recent update you get mobile support, better ad support and an improved API. Contact us today to learn how to use our Pre-Game Wrapper for your games.

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Game Syndication

What’s a great game without any exposure? All Flash game developers, HTML5 game developers and app devlopers utilizing our in-game ad-solution will be added to our “Game Sandbox.” The Game Sandbox is a medium whereby Flash games can be uploaded and stored and are then downloaded and displayed on other gaming sites. If you think of it as a game sharing platform you will get the idea! The Sandbox is accessible by over 2,000 active website publishers who own over 5,000 quality gaming sites. They can easily embed and host your game enabling your user-base to increase exponentially than if it was just displayed on your site. Oh, and did we mention that not only are the games shared but so is the revenue? This is truly a win-win opportunity.

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