The #1 Game Ad Network Continues to Establish Presence throughout Europe

London, UK. – January 25, 2013 – Six months after opening their European headquarters in London, England, Intergi Entertainment announces additional expansion of its workforce and office space. The European division of Intergi was launched in July 2012 by European Sales Director James Haley and has already realized significant revenue growth across all European territories. “The support from our publishers since launching has been fantastic and we’ve proven time after time our ability to deliver effective and impactful campaigns across Europe. This expansion allows us to strengthen our sales force and reach untapped markets across Europe,” said Haley.

The new expansion is a direct correlation to Intergi’s vast European growth over the last six months. “We’ve seen the positive effects of being present in the market and hope to continue our presence and growth throughout all of Europe,” explained Jayson Dubin, CEO of Intergi.

Intergi’s new European offices will be located in Soho Square in the heart of London and announcements of new appointments are expected soon.

Intergi European Headquarters

36 Soho Square
United Kingdom

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