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Can publishers create viral videos on-demand? Better yet, can they automate the process of creating them?

Playwire thinks so. Playwire is a video player and monetization company, and last week it introduced Trendi, a tool that predicts what written content is most likely to go viral, then automatically makes videos to populate those pages.Playwire's Trendi

Trendi works by analyzing engagement data, keywords, and traffic to determine when the articles on client pages will see an increase in visitors. Playwire’s team creates videos to support that content, reading the articles and providing appropriate visuals. Videos are placed on the correct pages, and help to drive views, time on site, and ad revenue.

Besides being a win for publishers, Playwire says Trendi is also a win for advertisers. That’s because advertisers can dynamically insert ads or natively integrate their brands with only the topics they choose. All this happens at scale and in real-time, Playwire says.

Trendi is now available in beta to select Playwire customers. The company says it’s currently delivering 500,000 impressions daily, along with an 85 percent completion rate. Its viewability rate of 92.2 percent is certified by Moat, the company says. It gets that high number by placing videos at the top of pages and having them autoplay.

For its creators, Trendi answers a pressing need for timely content.

“In working with our publishing partners, we realized that their most viewed news had a shelf life of 24 to 48 hours and that relying on traditional display ads to monetize even this most popular content was leaving a ton of revenue on the table,” says Playwire CEO Jayson Dubin. “Video is the answer to higher CPMs, but even with in-house video capabilities the turnaround time would take too long to capitalize on trending articles. Publishers needed an automated solution to not only recognize when content was trending, but also automate accompanying video, opening up new, high value video inventory in real-time, as content was trending. As a result, we created Trendi.”

Watch examples of Trendi videos on CinemaBlend and Kidzworld.

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